left-iWe spend most of our waking hours working, and I would die if I had to be in an office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. My mission is to give people more freedom and flexibility in the times and places of work.

I have a background in engineering and a Ph.D. in Work-Life Balance from Technical University of Denmark. In 2005 I founded the consultancy firm, Super Navigators ApS, and with the concept Life Navigation, I transform corporate culture by empowering employees to take control of their work and personal lives.

Life Navigation is four practical creative tools about time, goals, energy and spaces – each of which can provide a significant boost to your productivity and life quality.

Life Navigation has been implemented in organizations in 17 countries, and the customers are consistently rated as among the best workplaces in the world (Great Place to Work Competition).

In 2006 I founded the B-Society. Societies prize early risers, but most of us are late risers (B-persons). The mission of the B-Society is to increase the quality of life and productivity of B-persons by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. B-Society has members in 50 countries.

In 2018 I founded the PenQueens ApS – shirts for women. I love shirts and I love cufflinks. A PenQueen-shirt has double cuff, so you can wear cufflinks.