left-iHow to become a successful late riser | Camilla Kring | TEDxAarhus

Our societies prize early risers (A-persons) – but most of us are late risers (B-persons). In her talk, Camilla challenges the 9 to 5 society and introduces the B-society – a more flexible society that also supports B-persons.

left-iCamilla Kring: How to succeed in business if you’re not a morning person

Flexibility is among the keys to well-being, and management must have the courage to address the flexibility of their company’s work culture because culture determines whether employees have the courage to make use of flexibility.

left-iCamilla Kring: Improve productivity and life quality by syncronizing work live with the biological clock

You’re born with this biological rhythm. It’s not something you choose. If you are an early chronotype ( A-person), you have the best energy early in the morning. If you are a B-person, you will to go to bed later, and get up later.